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Himej is fruit of  tree known as Terminalia Chebula. Himej also known as Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan.
In Gujrati it is called Himej . In Marathi it is called Harde.While it is known in Urdu as Harir , in Tamil as Kadukkai , in Hindi as Harad and in Bengali as Haritaki.
It is of two types ...
(1)chhoti harad...unripe/small in size/dried/blackish in color.
(2) peela hard....ripe/mature fruit/dried/ yellowish or greenish in color'
This fruit while in un ripe form , when dried is in blackish color , is called chhoti harad or bal harde , is having good laxative property.
Himej is good as....
........Appetite stimulant
........Bowl cleaner
                                             PEELA HARAD (YELLOW MYROBALAN)
How to use...
1...fry dried chhoti harad in pure ghee or oil , make powder , take half to one teaspoon of powder  with water before going to bed , as laxative to clean bowls.
2...take peela hard 20 grams , Ajwain (bishop's weed) 20 grams , Jeera (cumin  seeds) 20 grams ,sanchar (black salt) 20 grams , vadiyadi (aniseed) 20 grams , sendav(rock salt) 20 grams make powder off all , take one teaspoon of it ,  half hour after meals to improve digestion.
3...take 50 grams yellow myrobalan , 20 grams ajwain (bishop's weed)  , 20 grams suva beej (dill seeds) 20 grams ,  vaividing (embelia ribes/false black pepper) , powder all and take one teaspoon of it , at night with water weekly , it is good carminative. 
4...roast yellow myrobalan , remove its seed , chew a piece of outer skin (after removing seed) . it is a
good expectorant.
5...chew one piece to improve digestion. 
Please note that....
It can not be taken empty stomach.
It is not good to be taken by pregnant woman.
It is not suitable for women with breast feeding babies.
Not to be taken higher than advised doses.
//Consulting your doctor is Advisable before using any of above Ayurvedic treatments or medicines
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